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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

How to save big on auto insurance – Powerful Auto Insurance Savings Tips

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How to save big on auto insurance – Powerful Auto Insurance Savings Tips
Saving money on insurance these days is at the top of most consumers agendas, but truly learning how to wheel and deal with insurance companies is perhaps one of the more complex skills most consumers to do not have. Saving money on your auto/car insurance is really not that complicated if you know what to look for and understand the basic concepts behind an auto insurance policy purchase and the variables used to calculate your insurance quotes.
Driving safe, legal and legit are all obvious answers for getting affordable auto insurance , but do you know that even your credit score goes into consideration when calculating your online auto insurance quotes. There are numerous criteria used by major insurance companies but there are only a handful that will save you a substantial amount off of your insurance bills and insurance quotes.

- Driving safe – Clean driving history and driving record. No lapses on insurance payments for a pre determined set amount of time plays in to part also.
- -Credit Score – Your credit score actually plays a part in how your insurance quotes and rates are calculated.
- Adjusting deductibles and premiums to offset costs – After you receive your instant auto insurance quote online via- You will be able to hammer down all the details and adjust deductibles accordingly to decrease your auto insurance rates to your likings. For example- instead of having a @250-500 deductible , you can instead have 750-1,000 deductible which in turn will drop your rates drastically. Be careful as your deductible is the minimum amount you have to pay no matter what in any auto insurance claim.
- Drop comp and collision for older vehicles -20-30 % off – Dropping comprehensive insurance and collision insurance covergaes will also drop your rates astronomically. Comp and collision insurance are two additional insurance coverages that safeguard pretty much against any act of God.

These are the main ways to save boatloads of money on your auto insurance,car insurance,vehicle insurance,motorcycle insurance.

There are still many other criteria and variables insurance companies use to calculate your insurance quotes and insurance rates, such as- age,sex,marital status,kids,type of vehicle,color of vehicle,safety features,age of vehicle,etc,etc
Let assist you with their instant auto insurance quotes technology. They will work with you hand in hand to make sure you get the absolute affordable auto/car insurance with the most amount of insurance coverages all within a matter of seconds.
Visit nowand save up to 50 % off your existing or non existing auto insurance plans today.

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